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For expatriates living and working abroad  – 
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Reside Prime
Worldwide comprehensive medical coverage.
Scheduled major medical coverage worldwide.
Reside Blue  (Mariners contact us for full coverage!)

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Wander Frequent Traveler
Annual policy for multi-trips.
Liaison International
Travel medical insurance for all international travelers.
Liaison Majestic
Health coverage for 5 days to 3 years.
Protection from trip cancellation.
RoundTrip Choice
Ultimate protection from cancellation, delays or interruption.
RoundTrip Elite (for all states in the US)
Ultimate protection from cancellation, delays or interruption.

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Reside® Prime

Comprehensive Medical Plan ideal for U.S. citizens relocating or spending an extended amount of time over seas who may want the option of up to 6 months coverage in the USA and Canada • For any global citizen traveling and living outside their Home Country • Emergency evacuation included


Ideal for international citizens residing in foreign countries who desire the flexibility to travel with continuous health protection. Consider the cost-effective solution with a scheduled benefit plan for fixed income, missionaries or volunteers – priced so you can afford health care protection.

Wander® Frequent Traveler

Annual Frequent Traveler Plan allows one time enrollment for all your business or vacation travel for one year • No one trip can last more than 30 days • Emergency Evacuation & Medical Benefits to $1 M • 24-Hour Assistance Services • Great value for today’s travelers

Liaison® International

Medical insurance for travelers traveling outside their home country • Trips up to 6 months • Seven Corners flagship product since 1993 • Emergency evacuation included

Liaison® Majestic

Medical insurance for travelers traveling outside their home country to higher risk countries along with added benefits • Excellent policy for all travelers • Trips between 5 days to 3 years • Emergency evacuation included

Liaison® Silver

Travel medical insurance for U.S. seniors traveling abroad • Trips between 5 days to 12 months • Special flexible trip benefits for 50 years and older • Pre-existing condition waiver benefit • Immediate coverage available

Liaison® Traveler


Contact  –  LRHaskell@insurehoy.com
for additional information.


RoundTrip® provides coverage in the event of an accident, sickness, or loss while traveling • Benefits include reimbursement of non-refundable trip deposits due to cancellation or interruption • US Travelers wanting trip protection • Group rates available for tour groups.

Roundtrip Choice®

RoundTrip Choice, enhanced comprehensive policy, protects trip cost, your health, & your baggage. Provides “cancel for any reason” option • (Requires purchase within 10 days of initial trip purchase.) Most popular choice in the trip protection family.

RoundTrip Choice is not available in Indiana and New Hampshire.
"Cancel for Any Reason" is not currently available for New York or Washington.

RoundTrip Elite®

Enhanced protection for your trip cost, health, & baggage, along with an assortment of options to expand your coverage!

Joan Peters-Gilmartin

Joan is a medical professional with 25 years experience. Spending half the year in Puerto Vallarta and the remainder of the year in the USA on Cape Cod, Joan is an asset to our team!

Disciple Missionary Medical

Medical protection for international missionaries traveling outside their home country • Up to 12 months coverage • Emergency evacuation, furlough benefits and more

Reside® Blue

For Professional Mariners • A comprehensive medical policy that is created for the "mariner lifestyle" regardless of where in the world you are sailing, cruising or docking • Contact us!